Special Guest: Roxane Webster

Welcome to our first special guest episode where we’ll meet Roxane Webster. Roxane and Saylet have been friends for almost the same amount of time that Calina and Saylet have been friends (pop quiz: how long is that?). Join us as we discuss multiple topics ranging from self confidence and women in the workforce to being caught having sex and the most bizarre police chase you will ever hear!


Roxane is a successful realtor in the Lafayette/Metro Area and as promised, her contact info is below. She has our full, wholehearted confidence and we would like to show our support for her business as much as she has been supportive in not only our personal lives, but also our podcasting adventure. Click the link below for your next home experience!


Twitter: @RoxWebsterTeam




Here is a picture of Calina and Saylet at an event My Home Team held in 2011.


Click here to listen to our first Special Guest episode with Roxane Webster

p.s from the editor: Please be aware of the volume on this recording as it fluctuates between soft and loud… we had a hard controlling how much fun we had =)

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