FF Week 9: Bitch Slap VS Pummel Urass

We’re heading into week 9 with 3 loses guys and this week we go up against the only undefeated team in our league, Pummel Urass (Benjamin). We are just as hopeful as we are every week to win but Calina is leaving me for Egypt for 2 whole weeks and I have try to manage this team all on my own! I will need assistance friends! Wish us luck! Also… we failed to mention that DT will be playing in Denver, against Denver. WTF?!

Here is our roster:
Cam Newton – Q
Demariyus Tomas – WR
Chris Godwin- WR
Cole Beasley – WR
Melvin Gordon- RB
Ezekiel Ellitt – RB
Tarik Cohen – RB
Harrison Butker – K
Chicago – D

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