Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 – Romance Authors

This year we were so excited to see that #DenverPopCultureCon2019 added an Authors Alley. Frankly, it’s the ONLY reason we went and we had a blast! We got to meet a few more awesome authors, take photos, get autographs, and BUY MORE BOOKS. Here are a few fun snaps we took.

Waiting for the Authors Alley to open
Waiting for our personal Lyft driver while repping our @MasonandAndee tees
We got to meet authors Corinne O’Flynn and Lisa Manifold and can’t wait to read their novels from The Midnight Coven: Forever Blood ad Forever Still
Author Helen Hardt wrote Unchained, which we read and will be reviewing on an episode that will come out in a few months
Just a few of the many books we bought to support our authors. Can’t wait to dig in! Oh and our autograph bag made specially for us by @MasonandAndee

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