Shhh! We’re reading Supernatural inmate by Avery Song & Veronica Agnus

I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised that this romance novel set in a supernatural prison turned out to be a reverse harem but we were!  Pleasantly surprised that is.  Cassandra grew up with her bros, all of whom were orphans like her.  Unlike her, they are supernaturals and she is a regular human, or is she?  Caught up in a kidnapping ring and locked away in a prison, Cassandra finally has to face the things she has been afraid of change and the potential for loss.  But she also grows and realizes the strength she always had within herself.  Her budding romantic relationships with her 4 bros are just getting started and we can’t wait for more in future books.  We discuss how scary change is but how beneficial it can be.  As is our routine with reverse harems we each pick our favorite of the guys.

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Music by Jim Townsend

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