Shhh! We’re reading Jinn: Djinn Rebellion by Jessica Cage

The world has been turned upside-down by the emergence of the supernatural beings and the fall of humans.  Jinn was the original Djinn set free and has chosen to not take side in this new world divided by different magical factions.  Until he hears that his wife, who he thought dead for centuries, is actually alive and being held hostage.  He quickly gathers an odd collection of friends to help him find and rescue Nitara.  But is it too late?  This book has some beautiful lessons about tolerance and judging those you have an imperfect knowledge of.  The different supernatural beings Jinn gathers on his quest are forced to learn more about each other and the inequities that still exist in their world.  In the end, this was a unique book for us because instead of a meet-cute and a relationship building overtime we get a man hunting for his long lost love.  While we don’t get the sexy times we like, it was still interesting to explore a different type of paranormal romance book.  Heads up, it ends on a cliffhanger and makes you want to read the next book right away.

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Music by Jim Townsend

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