Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

We know we haven’t even scratched the surface of enjoying the work of AAPI authors but we are excited to recognize the ones we have had the pleasure of reading. So, in honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we would like to recognize two paranormal romance authors and their amazing work!

Marjorie M. Liu

Marjorie is a New York bestselling novelist and comic book writer. Wow! We had the best time reading and reviewing two wonderful works from Marjorie, both from her Hunter Kiss series: SDB ep. 3 Inked (novella) and more recently, SDB ep. 81 The Iron Hunt. Click on the titles to check out our review!

In season one we read a short story compilation that included a story by Marjorie Liu, it was from this series and we loved the idea so much we talked about wanting to read a whole book. Why it took us 3 years to make good on our discussion is anyone’s guess. But here we are. We are happy to relate that we weren’t disappointed. This is a fantastic and interesting concept. We love the tattoos as armor that become actual demons when night falls.  The mystery that Maxine has to solve is wild and requires close reading to follow. The characters are strong and interesting with their own flaws. To be fair, this is more of an urban fantasy than a romance novel. Maxine is already in a relationship with Grant when the books starts and while they have moments of tenderness and intimacy, it is not the focus of the book. We liked this book for the plot and unique story, but it doesn’t give us the dirty, sexy times we love to read.

Visit http://marjoriemliu.com/ for more of Marjorie’s books and check out all her accomplishments. Follow. Read. Support. Love.

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Nalini Singh

Nalini is a New York Times Bestselling Author with a jacket full of word candy. We not only reviewed one of Nalini’s books, but we also had the pleasure of meeting her at Shameless Book Con back in 2019! And don’t worry, Nalini is back on our list and we can’t wait to review another one of her great works. Check out our review of Angel’s Blood, SDB ep. 11 – in our first year of the podcast!

In our first season, we enter a world created by Nalini Singh in her Guild Hunter series. Raphael needs Elena, and not just for the job he hired her to do, but will he admit it?  This first book in the series shows us the heat that develops when angels fall for mortals. The story is exciting, the action is suspenseful and the sex… OHEMGEEE! Come along as we touch on topics of emasculation, strong women, and the idea of falling in love.

For more information about Nalini and her award winning works, visit https://nalinisingh.com/. Follow. Read. Support. Love.

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