Shhh! We’re reading Her Viking Wolf by Theodora Taylor

We haven’t had great luck with Wolf Shifter books but this book redeemed the subgenre for us.  In the beginning, Chloe’s relationship with Rafe was hard to read about.  Rafe seemed like a class A jerk and I was scared she was going to marry him.  Then Fenris showed up, a time traveling viking with some truly ancient relationship beliefs.  At first it seemed like Fenris was going to be the same type of typical Alpha asshole we have met previously.  He didn’t listen to Chloe, the fated mate he traveled millennia into the future to find, and made some pretty big decisions on her behalf, like bringing her from present day to his Viking past.  But Fenris came around and made an effort to make Chloe feel at home in her new world.  As typical with wolf books, the sex was hot, dirty, and animalistic.  It was heightened by Chole finally finding her sex drive upon meeting Fenris.  Before Fenris, her makeout sessions with Rafe made her feel queasy and she just tried to endure them.  The idea of a modern day black woman being transported thru time to the land of vikings was fascinating to read and think about.  One thing was pretty odd for a wolf book, neither of the main characters ever shifted.  But in the end, Chole found the people and family she was meant to belong to and the love between them blossomed. 

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Music by Jim Townsend

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