Shhh! We’re reading How for Me by Ariel Marie

Brianna Wolfe doesn’t remember her life before she woke up in an unknown wolf pack. She only knows that she isn’t Brianna. Though her current pack accepts her and she is being openly pursued by the pack’s leader, Drevin, Brianna cannot help but feel the need to venture out and find out who she truly is. With a promise to return if she doesn’t succeed, Drevin allows her to leave for her journey of self discovery. And while she gets lost on the way, she is surely found by the very people that have missed her most, especially her old love, Gavin. Join us as we go through the most perfectly written short story we have ever come across. Damara (Brianna) rediscovers herself, falls back in love with her true mate, and fights to stay in her rightful home when Drevin comes back and tries to reclaim her. Bonus: this book was squishy AF! Let’s go to a meadow and have some fun.

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Music by Jim Townsend

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