Shhh! We’re reading Unhinged by Helen Hardt

It has been a while but we finally return to the Blood Bond Saga by Helen Hardt for Dante and Erin’s story. This whole book is a battle between logic and emotion, head versus heart, closely held beliefs against newly discovered information. Erin wants to accept Dante for everything he is but her heart and logic keep getting in the way, I mean vampires can’t be real right?!?!? There are some tough themes in this book, torture and abuse, lying by omission, using glamor to ‘protect’ someone from their own emotions. Dante and Erin have a lot to overcome as the series continues. One thing we can say, Helen doesn’t hold back on the sex in these books. The steamy scenes are plenty and very hot. Even with the vampires and werewolves and ghosts, the illogical way both Erin and Dante were acting during this honeymoon stage of their relationship is totally relatable.

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