Meet the hostesses of Shhh Dirty Books…

I am Calina and I am a Denver native. I am the Business Manager at a local non-profit dedicated to helping seniors maintain their independence. I love my job because even when it sucks I know I am helping making life better for someone in need. I am a mid-thirties, childfree, single woman and I am happy.  I am a life-long reading addict who spends a good portion of my disposable income on books. I have been a consumer of podcasts for years and am both excited and terrified to combine my interests into our podcast. Thankfully I am doing this will my best friend Saylet. I hope you’re enjoying our conversations about romance books, sexuality, and our personal lives.


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Sreylak (Saylet) here in Denver! Born in SD, CA but lived in Denver for over 38 years, I consider myself a lifelong Coloradan. I am a late-thirties mama of almost nine-year old twin boys. My most awesome husband, Daniel, and I have been married for 18 years. I am an active member of the Cambodian Community in Colorado, work in nonprofit advocacy, and game and craft on my down time. Also, I read sexy books. I am super stoked to podcast with my best comrade Calina and hope our listeners find that we are a safe space to speak freely of their sexuality and their love for romance novels. We hope you’ve been shameless with us and keep listening as we share our dirty reads! xoxo…

– Saylet

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