Shhh! We’re reading Winning Skyhunter by Jessie Donovan…

Episode 52 is out… We read this book for episode 52 of our podcast. Dragons, dragons, dragons!  We just cannot get enough of dragon-shifters.  In Jessie Donovan’s dragon world, the Skyhunter clan is left in turmoil at the end of Marcus King’s terrible reign.  Asher and Honoria were teenage sweethearts, now they are competing to become the new leader of clan Skyhunter. As their passion begins to reignite, they realize they are better as a team and fight to lead the clan together.  Instead of fighting each other for dominance, both in bed and in the throne room, they work together and take turns being on top!  This book is a beautiful example of how two dominant leaders can work together and share authority, and some great sex!  This was a small taste of the dragon world created by Jessie and we can’t wait to read more.  In this episode we discuss first loves/crushes and the difference between youthful love and the love that comes with age. For more of our thoughts, listen to episode 52 of Shhh We’re Reading Dirty Books found on any podcast platform!

Music by Jim Townsend

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