Shhh! We’re reading Spellbound in Salem by Milly Taiden

Love a man in uniform? How about one that takes his uniform off often so that he can shift into a wolf, beat up some bad guys, and then proceeds to sit next to you naked after he shifts back into human? Apparently, sheriffs love doing that! Join us for Spellbound in Salem, book one in the Casters and Claws series by Milly Taiden. Here we meet Raven Bishop, a descendant of the witches burned during the Salem witch trials, and yes, she is a witch. Raven meets sexy Sheriff Zane Cross, wolf shifter, when he tries to tell her that she and her family are being hunted by weirdos, who, for some reason, are stirring shit up again that happened over 300 years ago… hey bad guys, find a different hobby. It takes a while for Raven to get used to the idea of being hunted but eventually, she lets Sheriff Sexy Guy save her. We hope you read along!

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Music by Jim Townsend

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